Airport food is similar to nights of drunken revelry that we are only very well acquainted with. We enjoy it when it is happening. But right afterwards, we regret. And as for airport food, our wallets regret it as well. As much as we wish it were otherwise, airport food is expensive!

Airport food bores a hole in our pockets and is likely to do so in the near future as well. And all because of the following reasons.


1. The simple case of supply and demand

Airports are high-security zones which means that most passengers cannot get their own food. This also means that demands are high for food and beverages. Now, airports also have limited resources, owing to a combination of reasons. This means that the supply is less and cannot meet the demand. And obviously, when demand supersedes supply, prices surge.   

2. Operating a retail outlet in an airport is expensive business

A retail outlet is opened in an airport on a premium. Airport authorities also ask for inordinately high rent for retail spaces. So, in order to make profit, they do what is most obvious – hike the price. 

3. Lesser competition 

When there is no competition for a retailer, he/she can get away with hiked up prices. And since only a few can enter the market that is the airport, retailers have the last say. 

4. Captive audience

Since neither is one allowed to take food nor can one go outside once they have checked in, there is no way out but to eat at the airport eateries. And since the crowd is directed to only one way, the retailers surge the price. 

5. Limited space for inventory

The entire process of getting food to the counter is the result of off-peak hour deliveries, off-airport warehouses, packaging in small containers and rigorous security checks. As is evident, all these combined cost the retailers some serious bucks. Hence, the inflated prices.

So, you know, just feed yourself well before you reach airport. Sigh.