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So let me start off by saying that I’m a man and I know that I’m privileged because my gender has never been held up to a certain standard of beauty. Growing up, my parents never asked me or my sister to change anything about ourselves. Let alone critiquing us for our physical appearance, they taught us to embrace all our flaws. Both of us, my sister and I, went to the same school, had the same group of friends and relatives, but…

Her outward appearance was subjected to much more scrutiny and criticism than mine ever was. 

Just gaining a few inches of weight would invite unpleasant comments from neighbourhood aunties and her classmates. It’s not that I wasn’t judged for my physical appearance or commented on. But those comments didn’t make me feel insecure about my body, while my sister was really affected by the ones directed at her.

Being the overprotective brother that I am, I often had an urge to shut these people up. But I knew that it wouldn’t solve the problem that not just my sister but women, in general, have been facing for centuries. 

Often judged for their outward appearance, women are made to believe that the outer beauty is their most prized possession without which, no one would appreciate or accept them.

Their self-confidence takes a hit because of this. The sense of self-worth is disrupted because they are made to feel that physical beauty is all they have to offer to the world. 

I have seen my mother, sister and other women in my life go through this and I had a hard time watching them struggle. But as time passed, I saw a transformation in them. 

They realized that beauty lies in strength, strength which comes from within, strength which transcends the outward appearance. 

My mother and sister soon realized that it is not beauty that is their strength, it’s the strength that lies in them, which is indeed beautiful. Sounds deep and philosophical but that was a realization that dawned upon them and I’m happy that it did because it liberated them from the pressure to live up to the societal standards of beauty. 

How I wish that all women eventually realized that their inner strength is where the real beauty comes from!

Having seen the women in my family struggle, I wish all women knew that their inner strengths deserve to celebrated and valued way, way more than their physical appearance. With the motive of celebrating the inner strength of women, Corcal Bone and Beauty invited women from different walks of life to share their opinions on beauty and strength. 

For some, beauty meant confidence:

For some, it was diversity 

Some even called it timeless

For others, it was ‘courage to say NO’

The hard-hitting video shows strong women who did not hold back and rightfully found their beauty in their strength. Corcal Bone and Beauty salutes the spirit of such women who found the courage to break the barriers and understood what real beauty is all about. 

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So let go of all inhibitions and celebrate the beauty that lies in your strength! Check out the video below: