There are billions of people in the world with stories to tell, experiences to share. Give them a listen and you’ll realise how different lives are. Some live for themselves while others want to go out there and help the world in their own way. 

Nas is travelling the world, meeting new people and giving them a platform to share their stories with the world in a minute. When Nas realised that 32% of his life was already over, he decided to give up his job and truly live for great experiences. He started travelling and shooting one minute long videos each day.


Here are some amazing people Nas met and talked to. It’s time for you to meet some of them.


Yes, Donald Trump has been inspiring people in a way and one of them is Jerry. A retired school teacher from Chicago, Jerry sold his house to travel to Tokyo. Until, he heard that Trump had banned Muslims from the United States. So he thought, “If they can’t come here, I’ll go there.” He cancelled his Tokyo plans and moved to Greece to help out at a Syrian refugee camp. He spends his retirement money to make sure the camp doesn’t fall short of anything. 


Meet 75 years old Sheikh Ibrahim from Jerusalem. He has thrown open the doors of his home to anyone who would like to come and eat, sleep or drink at his place. His front door always remains unlocked and he says that his father has taught him to be loving and welcoming. Ibrahim was invited on a private jet to meet Donald Trump!


Friends Zach and Chris left their home in LA to visit a remote place in Guatemala and live there for 56 days on one dollar per day. They lost 45 pounds due to hunger pangs and drank water from a pipe which resulted in them contracting E.coli and giardia. Wanting to experience how a billion people survive on a dollar per day, they slept on dirt floors and got flea bites. They created a movie on the experience which generated $700,000 for the community in Guatemala.

Here are some more amazing people with beautiful stories to tell in this video:

So you think you’re living life to the fullest? Think again.