So, over the past 5 days, we’ve seen a mysterious T20 coach appear in numerous videos on Amazon’s YouTube Channel, trying to launch his own T20 team. We had no clue as to which place this team would represent or what they would look like. But after watching the latest, a seemingly conclusive video by Amazon, the mystery has finally been resolved. We now know what the team looks like, what their jerseys look like and the place where they hail from. 

So, go ahead and check out the CHONKPUR CHEETAHS here:

What’s more, Amazon has even shared exclusive insights about the coach and two of the team’s star players, with us;

Coach Sir’s childhood dream was to play professional cricket, which he manifests through his team in the small town of Chonkpur. He is also a poet. He often uses quirky couplets while talking to the players.

Dhyani is a pace bowler of Chonkpur Cheetahs. He is learning English to prepare for his Man of the Series speech, which he wishes to deliver in the next season.

Puppi is the star batsman of the team. He is best known for his Kangaroo shot.

Well, that sounds like a heck of a lineup! Can’t wait to see what the Cheetahs of Chonkpur will bring us next. And of course… We’ll keep you posted.