A little slice of heaven.

While our timelines are flooded with gruesome tales of animal torture and abuse, here comes an incredible story of a crusader who is doing everything in her capacity to make a difference. Meet Anjali Gopalan, a renowned animal and human rights activist, whose animal and dog shelter, All Creatures Great And Small (India), is providing a safe haven to animals in distress. 

Gopalan has already adopted over 350 abandoned and abused dogs. While the number increases daily, Gopalan’s shelter is always willing to take in as many abandoned animals as possible to help them recuperate and lead a decent life. 

In an interview to The Business Standard, she talks about her love for animals,

 “My dogs, cats, donkeys, cows and even emus give me solace. Animals have such a wise, beautiful way of forgetting and forgiving, we have a lot to learn from them!”

Here’s her message to all dog lovers.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/AllCreaturesGreatAndSmallIndia

Video Courtesy: CNBC TV18