Delhi is a huge city with millions of people. And while a lot of them have the luxury of private transportation, many others have to choose to travel by public transport. And despite the availability of various cab services in the capital, most of us take the Delhi Metro.

India Today

It may not often be pleasant, but it gets the job done. It’s cheap and convenient and covers almost the entire city. The only problem being, the people who board it. 

1. Stop trying to jam your ass in seats where there’s already 6 sitting instead of 5. Nahi hota hai adjust BC!

2. Stop pretending to be asleep because you don’t want to have to offer your seat to old people.

3. Stop sneaking lighters into the trains.

India Today

4. Stop standing near the doors. It’s an AC train.

5. Stop trying to get into the women’s compartment. It’s for women.

Viral section

6. Stop crowding around the connecting women’s compartment

7. Stop making your maid sit on the god damn floor! Jesus, grow a heart!

8. Stop carrying metals things in your pockets. There is a metal detector in place.

Hindustan Times

9. Stop cutting the queue. We live in a civilised society. Behave likewise. 

10. Stop playing music on your phone when you don’t have a headphone.

11. Stop rushing into the metro before people come out of it.

Business line

12. Stop complaining about seats and coaches reserved for women.

13. Stop stepping on people’s shoes. Watch where you’re going.

14. Stop leaning on the gates. It’s common sense.


15. Stop bringing one year worth of luggage in the metro. It’s crowded as it is.

16. Stop letting your kids loose. Those creatures are a nuisance.

17. Stop sleeping on the floor. It’s worse than sitting on it.


18. Stop staring/peeping into other people’s phones.

19. Stop blocking people’s way in or out.

 20. Stop being drunk on the metro. Take a cab home.


21. Stop farting in the metro. It’s a closed space and the stink fucking stays.

22. Stop hogging the pole.

23. Stop littering.


24. Stop eating on the metro. It’s actually prohibited.

25. Stop gossiping and talking loudly.

26. Stop indulging in small talk with random people.


27. Stop staring at people. It’s creepy.

28. Stop pretending to check your phone while actually taking creepy pictures.


29. Stop pushing people around.

30. Stop taking pictures in the metro.

31. Stop trying to squeeze into little places.

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32. Stop touching people without their permission.

33. Stop picking up fights in the metro.

34. Stop arguing over seats or other little things.


35. Stop hanging your backpacks and shoving it in people’s faces.

36. Stop creating panic every time the metro stops in the middle of nowhere.

37. Stop trying to open the gates when they are closing.

Indian Express

38. Stop preaching sanskar to random people on the metro. Nobody cares about your morals anyway.

39. Stop running in to get into the metro before the gate closes in.

40. Stop spreading your legs even when you are standing.

41. Stop elbowing people as you move along.

42. Stop asking people about directions in the metro. There’s a map for your convenience. Use it.

43. Stop your kids from dancing around like a maniac from 90s Bollywood.

ABP Live

44. Stop claiming every corner seat as ladies seat. It’s not.

45. Stop emotionally blackmailing people for a seat.

46. Stop resting your luggage right in the centre of the metro.

Hand luggage only

47. Stop putting your bags on the seats to save your buddies a seat.

48. Stop enquiring at the ticket counter. They have another window and another official for that purpose.

Hindustan Times

49. Stop manspreading.

50. Stop having ridiculous ringtones on your loud Chinese handsets. 


Can you think of some more douchebaggery people commit?