Admit it. You’ve lied. You’ve told you boss his shirt looks fantastic when you thought is was a really bad choice. If your friend invites you home for dinner, you tell him the food was delicious while mentally making a note to never return to his home for dinner. Don’t worry. Everybody lies. What varies though, is the success rate. Some get caught, some get away.

But are you a good liar or not? Fortunately for you, there’s a simple test to find that out. And it will barely take a minute.  

So, here’s how to begin. Simply take the first finger of your dominant hand, and trace out the letter ‘Q’ on your forehead. 

Now there are two possible ways you could have done that. Either the tail of the Q would be on the left side of your forehead, enabling people looking at you to see a Q. Like this:

Or, you drew the Q so that you can see it, and the tail would have been on the right hand side of your forehead. Like this:

Source: YouTube

Now, what does the direction of the tail of your Q say about you? If you drew the tail to the left side, you tend to be aware of how other people see you, you enjoy being the centre of attention, and you are generally a good liar.

Source: YouTube

And on the other hand, if you drew the Q so that you could read it, that indicates you are an introvert and not a good liar. 

Source: YouTube

Here’s the complete video for you to see. Now that you know all this, try it out on your friends, and see which ones are good liars and which ones are not.