In the rush of our lives we tend to forget just how music can touch us – the countless times that music has moved us when we least expected it, the times we’ve sought for it to help us feel what we thought we couldn’t.

According to Daily Mail, that is what Coldplay did for a young autistic boy at a concert in Mexico City, and his reaction will bring tears to your eyes.

Daily Mail


The band played its all-time hit ‘Fix You’ and the boy was so full with emotion that even while he sang along and moved his shoulders in enjoyment, he could not help but cry. There to watch his favourite band with his parents, the boy covered his face and buried it in his father’s arms as the final riff played – moving his parents to tears as well.

Daily Mail


Father and son sang through tears, “I will try to fix you” with their heads pressed together. It’s a moving, and truly magical sight. Watch the entire clip right here:


Whoever said magic isn’t real, lived in a world without music.