A long day of sleeping, crying, eating, puking, pooping and being cute can get really exhausting. After all, being a baby is not an easy job! Everyone is pulling your cheeks, tugging at your cute little bottom and making weird noises, all in the effort to make you laugh. So, what does one do when things get too tiring? Well, a day at the spa can make even babies feel rejuvenated!

Baby Spa Perth is Australia’s first exclusive spa and massage parlour only for babies. 

Kavita Kumar and her sister Anita Yap are the proud owners of this baby paradise.


After all, even babies could do with some pampering, right? 

At the spa, babies can kick and float around in water to their heart’s delight.

The spa has also designed a special floating device for the little ones so they can swim safely. 

Additionally, the spa also makes for a great bonding space for parents and their cute ones. 

See how relaxed and at peace the baby looks. 

It’s a great place for your little one to catch up on some much-needed sleep as well. You know, waking up in the middle of the night can have its repercussions. 

It’s a great place to meet other babies and make new friends as well. 

We think there should be a baby spa everywhere in every country. 

I mean, why wouldn’t you want one? It could be such a great stress-buster! 

Let’s get signing for a baby spa!