In Lewisville, Texas, an unbelievable incident took place recently. It’s a story of a baby who was ‘born twice’ and it’s bound to make you believe that miracles actually happen.

According to a report by CNN, a baby girl named LynLee was taken out from her mother’s womb and was placed back after a 20-minute life-saving surgery.

When Margaret Boemer, the mother, was 16 weeks pregnant with her third child, she discovered that her unborn baby had a tumour on her spine called Sacrococcygeal teratoma. Before the tumour could lead to a fatal heart failure in the baby, the surgeons decided to perform an operation for the same. 


Boemer said to CNN – 

At 23 weeks, the tumour was shutting her heart down and causing her to go into cardiac failure, so it was a choice of allowing the tumour to take over her body or giving her a chance at life. It was an easy decision for us: We wanted to give her life.

While performing the surgery, the doctors revealed that it was a heart specialist who kept the baby’s heart alive as it had almost stopped working. Once the operation was done, the doctors placed the baby back in her mother’s womb and sewed the uterus shut.

After spending the next 12 weeks on bed rest, Boemer gave birth to LynLee on June 6 via caesarean section. The rest of the tumour was removed from her tailbone when she was eight days old. Dr. Cass said to CNN – 

It’s kind of a miracle you’re able to open the uterus like that and seal it all back and the whole thing works.

LynLee, who had a 50 percent chance of survival and weighed just 0.53 kg during the first surgery eventually gained her health and was born weighing almost 2.5 kg.

Incredible, right?