I was a fairly obedient child. A series of unfortunate accidents convinced me at a very young age, to subscribe to the “do what your parents say” mode of thinking when it came to my habits. Eat broccoli, it actually tastes great, you just don’t know it yet. Don’t watch too much TV, you’ll spoil your eyes. Don’t cuss too much, your mouth will taste of soap afterwards. Pierce Brosnan doesn’t move much, that’s because he’s a robot (that last one is actually true).

Which is why almost the entirety of my young adult life was spent with a perpetually amazed expression, mouth agape and eyes wide open, what with all these ‘truths’ being dispelled left, right and centre. Yes, I was a gullible child.

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The point I’m trying to make, is that there are a lot of ‘bad habits’ out there which really, may not be all that bad. So, if you’ve been accused of being a perpetuator of bad habits, here’s a list that just might cheer you up a bit. Yes, I’m nice like that.

Note: Don’t overdo them. The key phrase for all these habits being, ‘in moderation’.

Design credit: Gauri Saxena