All of us have grown up hearing coffee can stunt our growth, watching T.V. has everything to do with becoming stupid, eating fatty foods is unhealthy, and fidgeting shows signs of nervousness. While some hold good, most of them were just fed to our brains (don’t even ask why). But research seems to have turned most of these things around and it looks like, not abstinence, but moderation is the key.

Indulge a little, what you thought might kill you can actually benefit you.

1. Watching TV can improve self-control, relieve stress and improve creativity

Whoever thought of calling the television an idiot box! Yes, there are some shows that are aired to fry your brains to extinction (esp news channels these days), but the point is, you can exercise your right to choose from the variety of option it offers. Go ahead and relieve some stress, let the TV entertain you! 

2. Smoking weed treats multiple types of cancer and prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Often associated with memory loss, it is now being hyped as a way to stave off Alzheimer’s disease. It is also said to cure multiple types of cancer. Roll yourself a (medicinal) joint already. 

3. Eating fatty food can help you stay full longer and in turn, help you in losing weight

Tired of calculating calories and being obsessed about burning it all out in the gym? Turns out fatty food can help you stay full longer, and in the process make you eat lesser. Give yourself a break and treat yourself to a guilt-free bowl of pasta blessed with cheddar cheese. Live a little. 

4. Sleeping in can improve long-term memory, organization and learning skills

Tired of setting multiple alarms, hitting the snooze button, dismissing all the notifications, and STILL failing? A. Welcome to the club. B. Studies are on our side. Sleeping in a little more can polish your memory, organization and learning skills. Sleep till your boss gives you a wake-up call maybe.

5. Fidgeting burns calories and can increase your lifespan

The word ‘fidgeting’ has the power to remind me of my mom’s face. Everytime parents catch their kids moving restlessly, they go to any length to stop them. Who would have ever thought fidgeting could have ANY benefit. Looks like it increases your lifespan and (wow) what a way it is to (underline) burn calories!

6. Listening to loud music can make you happy, calm and responsive

Tired of all the claptrap people spew and more importantly, tired of wondering why they don’t choke on the claptrap they are so capable of spewing? Don’t worry, listening to loud music (around 90 decibels) stimulates your brain and releases hormones that can make you happy and calm. Turn the volume all the way up to 90 decibels and let the hormones take over.

7. The occasional burst of anger is good for your health

If you like bottling things up only to explode later, don’t hold it in for so long – just let it all out. Occasional bursts of anger here and there is good for health, and can be a more effective coping mechanism compared to fear and irritation. Explode to chill. 

8. Eating Nutella will give you an energy boost, mainly because it contains high amounts of protein, calcium and iron

However fattening, however sinful, however wicked, Nutella deserves to be inside your mouth. Anything against Nutella can be countered with the fact that it is packed with high amounts of protein, calcium and iron that help the bones and boost energy. 

9. Red wine, taken in moderation may help promote your heart health

Red wine has long been known to have potent anti-cancer and artery-protecting benefits. Known to keep your heart out-of-risk, guzzling down red wine every now and then can do you good. Stock your choice of red wine up and keep your heart in good health. Drink hearty, folks.

10. Swearing can provide effective relief from pain

At times, when the world seems to have fallen apart, and you feel helpless about it, a stream of expletives can help you get back on your feet, ready to take charge of your life again. If you think we are exaggerating, what’s the harm in trying it and finding it out yourself? *profanityalert*

11. Coffee can help lower your risk of diabetes

Even if coffee serves as a morning jolt for some people, most people keep off coffee because of its related health risk. But research has been in favour of coffee when it comes to lowering the risk of diabetes. Don’t dismiss those beans yet and beat up a frothy cup for yourself just to balance out the sugary-evil in your body.

12. Not really a habit but a fever can help our immune system work better and harder

Do all of us not get scared when we have a fever – it is almost like we have been trained to see it as a bad thing. Turns out, a little fever is not harmful at all. It improves our immune system and makes it work better and harder. The next time you have a little fever, do not panic – it is probably coaching your immune system.

Go on, live a little!