Do you remember Bani J, the cool, badass roadie who rocked the show in its 4th season. Sure, she didn’t win, but of course she didn’t give a damn about it. With her sassy and funny personality, she has since become a youth icon that we just cannot get enough of. Dying her hair red, getting her body tattooed, experimenting with piercings – Bani has upped the cool factor to a whole new level.

But, does this girl have any limitation? We say no. The vibrant 25-year-old is now the new fitness expert that everyone is going gaga over and no doubt she deserves the label.

Look at her now. Can you count those crazy abs?

Becoming more of myself every single day. It’s a great feeling, a purposeful movement of sorts that takes place like a shift in your entire perspective of things. It begins within- in your heart, then your mind until your thoughts follow suit and it’s as though every single cell of your being vibrates with the same intention.. To be better, not just physically- but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. On all counts. People will always want to label you, put you into a category, where it makes them feel safer, more ‘normal’ to have labelled you as a ‘freak’ or an ‘outsider’, it’s a limiting thing – but you’ll see, once you look inward, and sense only your worth, all of that shit will just fade away, like white noise. It won’t be able to touch you because you’ll be on another frequency It’s deep stuff… Vibrate higher. Get on a better frequency. #loa #deepish #noonegoingtogetthis #ormaybetheywill #fucklabels #fuckthenorm #doyou #beyou #makeyourself #repbyrep #gratitude #selfworth #knowyourworth #nothingtoprovetoanyone #onanotherlevel #frequency

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She poses like a gym queen!

Swooning over the biceps and the tattoos.

Swooning some more.

If there’s a ‘Woman Crush Saturdays’ I’d pick her. Anyday.

Gym + Bani = Perfection

Her food secrets.

And her quirky sense of style.

She is setting goals for the ultra-modern woman.

Strong, elegant, and beautiful.

Turning up the heat!

And when she goes desi she still has swag.

The look in her eyes though *fearless*

Could she BE any sexier?

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That’s how you do it.

Because dedication is perfection.

She can LITERALLY pull off anything

Why you doing this Bani Ji?

Because those abs require a little ‘hard work’

And, that’s why we love her

I’ve never chased an idea of perfection or an ideal of beauty. I do chase joy, I chase what brings me happiness and growth. I haven’t always know what that is, but have become clearer and see it with more clarity everyday. Life doesn’t come with an undo button or a filter option or time to edit out the bits we don’t like or aren’t ready for. In order to really LIVE you’ve got to embrace what’s coming and ACCEPT and ALLOW whatever it is you really want to happen. All that to say, some of you might have heard (or seen on my snapchat) I broke a bone in my nose and split my septum this past week during rehearsals for #ICDT, no joke. Had surgery with horrible side effects to the anaesthesia and had pipes stuffed up my nose for three days. . That were removed by.. Gory details won’t get into it. I was discharged and went straight to set. I didn’t see the point in sitting at home going oh no Iv got these horrible bandages and so much pain blaaaaaaa – I chose to say Fuck it, shit happens and went back to work because that (and seeing @gauaharkhan) make me smile. Also because who’s got time to bleed these days.. Fuck that. Scar tissue will always be way stronger than regular tissue #anyday #aintnobodygottimeforthat #neversettle #setanewstandard #fuckthenorm #embraceshit #dowork #thatmakesyousmile #everydayalittlecloser #itsaprocess #clarity #LOA #lessons #doyoubooboo #notimetobleed

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