Steve Jobs probably had tonnes of ideas every day before he cashed in on technology. But before he hit the jackpot, he had some ideas the world was better off without knowing. But the Internet does not forget and does not let anyone forget. Like we will never forget that we had anything to do with Orkut.

And voila! We have something that we rather would not have known. Presenting to you Apple’s clothing line from 1986. 

Since it was the 80s, it was one of the worst decades for fashion worldwide and Apple did not help matters. 

Check these…er…cool clothes. Also, do not miss the Apple logo just about everywhere. 

Damn! Even the kids were not spared.

And bonus.

They decided to put the logo on a toy truck…

… and windsurfing equipment!

Let’s just say we are glad that this is all done and dusted. 

Although, on second thoughts, those sweatshirts and shorts look comfortable AF.

H/T: fastcodesign