There are times when we gawk at a stellar picture portrait with more amazement and appreciation for the photographer’s skill than admiration for the people featured in it. 

While ‘Every picture tells a story’ might be a phrase for different context, these photographs from ‘Place and Photo’ project by Brazilian photographer Gilmar Silva tell the actual story of transforming raw snaps into awe-worthy pictures. 

The brilliant amalgamation of high-quality camera, creative vision, perfect angle and photo-shop finesse prove photography is truly an art and these pictures are a witness to that: 

1. Ever imagined this would be the original shot?

2. Such creativity. Wow!

3. The struggle behind that dreamy 

4. I want such a picture please!

5. The efforts to make your big day memorable!

6. Total wallpaper material. So cute!

7. Simply amazing.

8. And that’s the outcome of a picture against a dull background.

9. This is perfect. 

10. The addition of snow! I’m officially mesmerized.

11. Could you have guessed the truth behind this one?

12. Kudos to the imagination!

13. Such a gorgeous maternity shoot.

14. Look at the kind of dedication to get that perfect shot.

15. This is truly commendable.

16. Editing level = Wow

17. Going to extreme lengths to get you that perfect shot.

18. And then comes such artistry! 

19. So much respect. 

20. Pre-wedding shoot goals!