You know what’s common between a Javan rhinoceros, a Malayan Tiger and an only child?

There are very few of them left in the world.

Remember the last time when you’d asked someone “Oh, so do you a brother or a sister?” and they’d replied “No”?

Well, me neither.

Hello. Myself an only child. Yes, I’m the guy who has been answering questions like “Oh, so you’re an only child? It must be lonely na?” since time immemorial. 

I’m also the guy who has often been stereotyped as ‘selfish’ and a ‘spoilt brat’ because ‘tum toh single child ho na.’

So that’s why, I decided to settle this for once and for all: Being a single child, is actually way more fun than having a sibling.


You don’t have to share your favourite ice-cream. You don’t have to live in constant fear of your chocolate getting stolen. 

You don’t need to worry about sharing your PlayStation. Nor do you have to worry about sharing that TV remote.

And above all, you don’t have to worry about being ratted out by your chugalkhor sibling.

Does all this make you selfish?

Nah. I think it makes you at peace.

To all those sympathizing with us regarding our loneliness, thank you, but we have a solution to that.

It’s called ‘cousins’. Yes, those mythical creatures who love you like a sibling without breaching upon your space.

And to all those people gladly living under the assumption of us being spoilt brats, sorry to burst the bubble but we’re way more sanskari than you’d ever think. 

Since we have to own the sole responsibility and consequence of our actions, we work extra hard to not screw things up. Which, in my estimation, makes us smarter and stronger. 

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Having said that, yes there are moments when we do feel the need for a sibling. 

When we do feel the need to have someone who has the same mental wavelength as us. 

But then moments like these last for a maximum of 5 minutes. ‘Cause soon enough, the pros of being an only child kick in and life looks awesome once again.

Because hey, the lion always walks alone, right?