Beards can transform a man and how! They look super appealing and edgy with this primal rawness that fascinates both men and women alike. With a whole month dedicated to the brushing and taming of the wonderful face fuzz, it’s definitely gaining popularity and for all the right reasons.

Well, apart from the eye pleasing quality of a beard, there are many other real benefits of growing one as well. And with these reasons to back us up, we’re pretty sure many men will take cue and grow a scruff. 

1. It protects you against those nasty allergens.

Your facial carpet works as the perfect filtration system. Just as your nose hair filters the air you breath, your beard does the same; it blocks and dispels any and every pollutant that tries to make it to your nostrils. Awesome, right? 

2. It helps decrease the possibility of gum diseases.

Like your beard and moustache filters out the dirty little bacteria, it also helps lessen the possibility of catching a gum disease. Obviously, you still got to brush your teeth properly, but it offers that little extra protection for a bearded man.

3. It blocks the harmful UV rays.

Many researchers have found that your beard actually blocks out 95% of the harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. Now, who wouldn’t want some natural sun protection, right?

4. Shaving gives you acne.

If you have a beard, then you can be sure that the skin underneath that thick rug is definitely silk smooth. Shaving often spreads out the bacteria that causes acne, but taking care of your beard will ensure a healthy and acne-free skin. 

5. That grunge keeps your skin moist.

Shaving opens up your pores, and makes your skin more prone to bacteria. These exposed pores make your skin lose moisture. The beard makes your skin retain all the moisture, and keeps it moist.

6. Not shaving can save up to 139 days of your life.

Yes! Dr Herbet Mescon from Boston University calculated the exact time men spend on shaving. When a teenager starts shaving at the age of 15 till the age of 55 years or so, he will spend an approximate 3,350 hours at this task. And this equals to 139 full days. So much time can be saved, if you just grow that mane!

7. It ensures that you get fewer wrinkles.

A straight descendant of the fact that the sun doesn’t affect your skin so badly because of your beard. It also means that you get less wrinkles. No UV rays = less wrinkles.

8. It keeps you warm during winters.

This one is tried and tested. When you’re really cold, and a scarf or a stole are nowhere to be seen, your beard will come to your rescue and save you from biting cold. You can offer your warm fuzz to somebody in need too. So convenient! 

9. No matter how old you are, a beard always looks kick ass.

If you’re a middle-aged man, a young-college lad, or a grandfather of many cute little grandkids, no matter how old you are, if you have a badass mane that adorns your face, you’re all set. 

10. It makes you look more intellectual and masculine. 

Now, I don’t mean that the men who don’t wear a mane on their face are any less masculine but the masculinity quotient is undeniably upped. Have you ever seen a bearded man stroking his beard gently? A sight to behold, isn’t it? And it definitely makes the man look a lot more intellectual.

Do you still need another reason to grow that fuzz now?