Nestled in the Himalayas, between two of the most populated countries in the world lies a country that houses some of the happiest, content people in the world. You would think that to be quite a feat going by the turbulent, unpredictable times we live in. 

But Bhutan survives, nah thrives! The mountains are still as calm, the valleys are as peaceful, and the rivers in the forest just as pristine. And it makes for one helluva travel destination. In simplicity, the Bhutanese people have found the formula to keep life going at a happy pace, and they welcome us to see it and share it. And we are so friggin’ close to the country anyway. AND as an Indian, you don’t need a visa to go to this beautiful country. And if these weren’t reasons enough, we’ve got plenty!

Their men can dress in bright colors and there is no judgement thrown around. 


Gho is the national dress of Bhutan, and it comes with a huge pocket that you can practically carry anything in. I mean it. Anything! 


Democracy was imposed on the citizens by their monarch. In fact, the citizens were also given the right to impeach their king. 


Bhutan’s national parks, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries are protected areas and are all connected by biological corridors, which allows the wildlife to roam throughout the country. 


And Buddhism is the state religion of Bhutan. Well, here’s a path to the Truth & Contentment that’s paved with beautiful scenery. 


72% of the country is covered in forests. And there is a provision in their Constitution that demands that percentage to remain a minimum of 60% at all times. 


Bhutan is not a very populated country. You know what that means: sweet isolation! 


The country is home to very happy, nice, and most importantly, very sweet people who will help you out no matter what and for no ulterior motives. 


They lead a simple life. They don’t care about TV, and radio, and the internet and what Kim Kardashian wore to that thing that time…which is why they are happier than you will ever be.


The State literally works for the hapiness of their people, that is what drives all policies and development plans. 

And speaking of development, do you know that healthcare and education is FREE for all the citizens in Bhutan?


And if they needed more reasons to be happy, their PM revealed to the world that Bhutanese people sleep better which also contributes to their well being and happiness. 


It is not just monasteries and monks, there are visions that wil stay with you all your life. Look at this!


And this.


Beautiful, ain’t it?


Not had enough?


Not that there aren’t pretty monasteries though. 


They have a vibrant culture and art scene happening. 


…which also includes amazing food. 


Ema Datshi so cheesy that Emma Watson will fall on her knees. 

And LOOK at this spread!


The country is carbon neutral (read carbon negative), which means less pollution, which means clean fresh air that will make your lungs break into the Cham dance. 


Their rivers aren’t just beautiful, they are powerful enough to create so much electricity that it can be exported to other nations.


The Land of the Thunder Dragon is setting some serious goals for other nations, and is definitely a land we should all experience at least once in our lives.