When you’re surrounded by people who’re involved in your life up to a certain extent, it’s not always easy to open up. You never know when people judge you or when they show support. Not saying you shouldn’t open up when you need to, but we’re saying that it’s not easy.

That is why, on the Internet, especially on a place like Reddit, where you’re anonymous, people often talk about things they cannot share with the rest of the world. An AskReddit thread asked people about their biggest regrets in life, and we kid you not, some of the answers really hit hard. 

My dad died at 73 and I was 18. His age and health problems through my teenage years put a strain on things. He could barely walk or see, near the end he went to a rehabilitation center/nursing home, then we had to take him home on hospice. I loved him, but didn’t appreciate or spend hardly any time with him. Treated him more like a burden when I should have been talking to him.
His death made me appreciate my mom more, but within 4 years, she was in a “rehabilitation center”/nursing home too after a lengthy hospital stay and went home on hospice too. I thought I would have more time.
Some people will disagree with me here, but I say this as someone who lived through it: if you’re in your 50s and thinking about having kids, don’t.
He had cancer and I knew it was bad but I didn’t appreciate how quickly he’d deteriorate. I’d been to visit and he was out of it on the pain medication, or so I thought. I assumed there’d be more time and I was in a new relationship so I didn’t think twice about leaving.
My dad died the next day. He was pretty incredible at dying though – held on until my mum, me and my sisters were all there before he popped it. Took a good few hours of him fighting until my older sister arrived!
It was a strange and wonderful day. I just wish I’d stayed and known the night before so he didn’t have to fight so hard waiting for us all to get there.
But while I wish I had done it sooner, I’ll never regret the decision to do it, even if it came a little late.
I wish I could have the exact same kid but like 5 years later. I was too immature for a baby. I made mistakes. Everything is cool now, but I moved 7 times before she was 5. After I left her dad I was couch surfing for a while. With a 2 year old. I’m embarrassed to even think about it. Thank god no drugs or alcohol was involved. I also always worked full time. It wasn’t like I was a bum. I just always kept trying to get us into a better situation and sometimes there would be a misstep.
I went to a junior college, wasn’t serious about it, and “took a semester off.” It’s been almost 20 years. I can almost assure that I wouldn’t be 36 and working a minimum-wage retail job if I’d just sucked it up and gone to class.

You can read the entire thread here.