1. Garbage Detectives

As per the laws in Germany, you can be caught for your wrongdoings by inspecting your garbage as well. And there are legit garbage detectives who scan your garbage to look for potential clues.


2. Ant Vendors

Basically, you’re paid to sell ants. There are about 12,000 different species of ants in the world and selling ants is actually more complicated than you think.


3. Crime Scene Cleaners

In USA, there are legit cleaners who’re brought to clean a crime scene so as to clear out the mess and yet, not get rid of possible clues. Needless to say, you need to be really skillful to do this job. And if you’re interested, it’s a highly lucrative profession! 


4. Professional Bridesmaids

From reciting poems to improvising a fake story, you can hire professional bridesmaids in USA and make them do what you want.


5. Paper Towel Sniffers 

With a well-tuned sense of smell, these people smell paper towels to make sure they don’t have a strong odor.


6. Live Mannequins 

Can you stand still for long hours? If yes, you’re eligible for this job that can earn you up to $100 an hour in USA.  


7. Pet Food Tasters

The job of a professional pet food taster is to smell and eat dog and cat food to ensure that the product not only tastes good but also meets the brand’s quality standards. 


8. Dance Hosts

One needs to be the icebreaker on the dance floor who makes everybody dance and gets free food on the side. How awesome is that? 


9. Bed Testers

All you need to do is to roll around and sleep in different beds to make sure they’re just as soft and comfortable as desired. The best part? You can even do this job on a part-time basis and earn anything from $150 to $2,000 a month! 


10. Lipstick Readers

Lipstick readers are like tarot card readers, just that they analyze a woman’s lipstick to find out her personality. 


11. Pooper Scoopers

Yes, picking up poop from public spaces is a real job and picking up dog’s poop is actually a growing market. 


12. Worm Farmers

They harvest worms and sell ’em as good fertilizers. 


13. Video Game Testers

A video game tester gets to test all the newest games that have yet to be released on the market. This job also requires you to check all the possible glitches! 


14. Golf Ball Diver

You basically have to dive in golf course’s water hazards and retrieve the lost golf balls! 


15. Closet ‘Exorcist’

People hire what’s known as a Closet ‘Exorcist’ who decides what needs to stay and what needs to go from their wardrobe!  


16. Professional Pushers

To make sure everybody is on time, professional pushers are hired in Japan to push people into the trains. 


17. Deodorant Testers

This may sound gross but there are people hired to smell other people’s armpits to test the odor-fighting powers of their deodorants. 


18. Professional Cuddlers

Don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend and missing out on cuddling? People in Japan can hire professional cuddlers to do the needful. But mind you, just cuddling!


Yeah, we also didn’t have any idea about these jobs!