Does getting dressed every morning for work, to drive through traffic in a car that you’re still paying off, in order to get to the job that you desperately need so you can pay for the Goddamn clothes and the car, and the house that you barely stay in… feel meaningless?

If so, congratulations! Because like every perfectly normal late 20-something you’re going through an utterly confusing phase of your life. The one that the society (and a lot of psychiatrists) lovingly call as the… *cue dramatic music*

Quarter-life crisis.

Don’t believe it? Well, in that case, I’ll let our Bollywood stars tell you about a few symptoms:

1. You often glare at your dog in the morning while getting ready for work and say, “God, I wish I had your life.”

2. You feel like your job is freakin’ prison and you need to escape it.

3. Visualizing yourself 5 years from now doing your boss’s job makes you throw up a little in your mouth.

4. If you’re single then you’ve subliminally started looking at every person of the opposite sex as a probable soulmate.  

5. If you’re in a relationship then either you’re dreading a break-up or freaking out because you might just… GET MARRIED!?

6. All while your beloved rishtedaars are like, “Aur beta, shaadi kab kar rahe ho?”

7. You’ve realized that losing touch with some friends is an inevitable thing and you’re trying to deal with it.

8. Along with the second-hand jealousy that burns you when they flood your newsfeed with their travel photos.

9. Staying out late never used to be a problem, but now you find yourself asking what time things will ~roughly~ end.

10. You start feeling old when someone starts a conversation saying, “Bro, yaad hai college main…”

12. …And really old when you realize that college was freakin’ 5 years ago!

13. You have no clue about where your life is headed and what are you going to do with yourself.

14. Yet… You’re pretty sure that a ZNMD kinda road-trip will fix everything.

15. Or maybe, it won’t. Cause all that happens only in Bollywood, doesn’t it?

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