While we were busy creating memories of our school days, we never realized that we’re so privileged to attend one. There are so many children who don’t get to attend school because of the lack of infrastructure.

This touching video by P&G Shiksha highlights this very problem. In this video, you see a helpless father who tries to juggle his kid’s enthusiasm to go to school as his village doesn’t have one. It might make you feel bad about all those times when you made excuses to bunk classes.

The video has been making major rounds over the internet and has grabbed Bollywood’s attention. 

Several Bollywood stars and celebrities have come together, all in praise of the video and support for the cause. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Tiger Shroff poured his heart out. 

2. … so did Vaani Kapoor 

3. Actress, Richa Chaddha asking us all whether we’re inspired.

4. It’s not just Neha Dhupia who’s tearing up.

5. Sonu Sood, supporting things that matter. 

6. Lara Dutta rooting for access to schools.

It’s amazing to see that celebrities are putting the word out and their followers are jumping on that bandwagon and you should too. The reason is simple – to make a difference. 

While you don’t have to go around and build schools, there are little things that we could do to make an impact. Every time you buy a P&G product like Gillette, Whisper, Pantene or Head & Shoulders a part of that money goes to the P&G Shiksha Program. That’s all it takes to #ChooseForChange! 

Next time you go out shopping, remember that you are also making a difference!

In association with P&G Shiksha