Why me?!” 

Once in a while, we’ve all found ourselves in this existential crisis, right? The only consolation being that everyone around us experiences the same too. 

Artist Matt Shirley transforms such overwhelmingly-unavoidable circumstances into funny charts and graphs and they’re both hilarious and totally relatable.

Take a look and have a good laugh at the universal misery of all human beings:

1. Choose wisely!

2. Who wants to be an adult?!

3. Fun night eh?!

4. Every damn time!

5. Ah the precious weekend!

6. Because love for pizza is eternal.

7. Missing the good ol days!

8. More important than your life guide.

9. Reality blues!

10. Reminding you that childhood meant bliss.

11. Was it a secret?!

12. Life ain’t easy. Luck ain’t easy either!

13. Ensuring collective anticipation of deaths.

14. A click which speaks volumes.

15. Dating and drinking… Always a pickle! 

16. Motivation for school busted!

17. Tears of self pity.

18. Anxiety feat grocery shopping.

19. Good luck for work!

20. Sadistic timing always!

21. Laying out the weekend.

22. Blinking eyes a hundred times for the minute to pass.

23. Another dilemma solved!

24. What do you choose? Practical, unrealistic or dirty?

25. A constant? Party buses are overrated.

You can follow Matt on Instagram for more of his work.