The Internet is flooded with articles on numerology predicting your personality traits, career and every other aspect of your life. What if it can predict how many people you’re going to bed with? Well, that would be something. While the internet waits for it, we have come up with a list of some brutal truths your name spills about you. But we do warn you that these predictions tend to get a tad cheeky, so continue reading at your own risk.

According to Numerology, each alphabet in your name corresponds to a number and the entire sum of your name gives a single digit that tells the kind of person you are. 

Before we move on to dissecting your name, let’s brush up on your math a little. Let’s say Anshul would like to know what his name says. All he has to do is to add the alphabets in his name, which looks something like this:

A=1, N=5, S=3, H=5, U=6, L=3 which add up to 23. And 2+3 further makes a 5. So Anshul is a 5. 

(If your brain is clouding up in doing these calculations, fret not, our college education is to blame.)

Now, the moment of truth:

 Tag that wacky friend for whom these predictions stand utterly true!

Design credits: Mir Suhail