Nature is full of surprises and we all love its unpredictability. 

Take for instance, winter and all the snow it brings along. 

But as if the beauty of snowfall wasn’t enough, the internet is now going crazy over #Bubblemaddness. Yes, it is so cold in USA & Canada currently that air bubbles are getting frozen and the transformation is absolutely stunning!

1. That crystal beauty!


2. This unusual sight is breathtaking


3. Right in front of you

4. Oh that lit frozen bubble

5. The Chrismas tree bubble effect

6. If this doesn’t gratify you, nothing will

Yesterday, I posted a time lapse version @TimeLapseCameras, today, this shot with a Canon 5D IV and 100mm macro. Happy New Year! I didn’t have any plans on how to celebrate 2018, so why not spend a few hours in the -12 cold to freeze some soap bubbles.  Below are some quick tips  on how to get the same result. It has to be cold, at -12 it took about 20 seconds to freeze a bubble. Wind is problematic, even the slightest breeze may burst your bubble. Soap solution, there are lots of recommendations out there. I used about 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup dish soap, 1/4 cup corn syrup and 2 Tbsp. sugar (nope, I have no idea what the sugar is for). A straw is dipped in the solution and the bubble is blown from the straw. Here’s to 2018 and warmer weather!

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7. The slow texture of snow

8. Oh, the icing!


9. Dreamy bubbles, are they?

10. Who would’ve thought this, right?

11. Just the perfect sight!


12. Twirling in a glass globe

13. Makes me stay!


14. Looks like frozen trapped leaves inside!

Everyone seems to really enjoy the frozen bubbles. Thank you so much for the kind comments, likes, and follows. They are all very appreciated! Here are a few more (Swipe ➡) I’m sharing the first one just because I loved the leaf-like patterns. The second is a bubble after it’s completely frozen, but before it cracks and collapses. The third was taken with my phone just to show that you can 😁 Editing Tip: selectively applying Clarity and Dehazing in PS (or Tonal Contrast in phone editing apps) to the patterns and adding a vignette helps bring out the detail. Sharpening helps too, but don’t over do it 😊 #frozenbubble #frozenbubbles #macro_kings #macro_brilliance #macro_perfection #winterphotography #ohiowinter #igerscolumbus #ohiowinter #myohioadventure #naturalohio #ohioexplored #YourPopSci

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15. The perfect last one!