Raksha Gopal is the Class 12 CBSE topper this year. 

She scored 99.6% in the boards. 

She topped the country. She can get into any college she wants.

The entire country wants to congratulate her. 

But she has no future, because she studied Arts.


Seriously, what kind of job is she going to end up with? 

If she was going to be an engineer, that would’ve meant something

If she was going to be a doctor, that would’ve meant something.

But she’ll probably just end up being a failed, penniless writer, right?


Or maybe she’ll end up making comedy videos on the internet, ‘cos where has that ever gotten anyone?


Or she’ll just be one of those failed actresses you never really hear about. Should’ve studied science instead of literature, Konkona!


Or maybe they’ll start playing music. And when has music ever made anyone any money or success?

Wait, it’s so obvious, she’ll probably be a teacher right? 

And of course, the phrase, “Those who can’t do – teach” isn’t just funny, it’s also true, in all its small-minded, generalised and prejudiced glory. 

I mean, what has a teacher ever really done for anyone?


What do people like Michelle Obama know. She never did anything with her life after studying the Arts. Sure, she’s fought for mental health awareness and started a program to feed 21 million low income children, but fuck that.

Look at this quote by Michelle Obama. “The Arts and Humanities define who we are as a people. That is their power ― to remind us of what we each have to offer, and what we all have in common.”

Kuch samajh nahin aya.


Robin Williams didn’t know shit either, for that matter. He made movies, won awards, made the world smile, but he studied sociology, so it doesn’t count. What a bunch of Arts-studying, know-nothing schmucks.  


Is someone who has studied Arts going to represent our country at a national level? What a joke. There’s no way they could make our country proud.


And it’s not like there are a million other cases of students you haven’t heard about, who took science, failed, and had to repeat an entire year of school. Yeah, those people don’t exist. The ones who only chose science or commerce due to societal and parental pressure. 

Because obviously, no one in their right mind would consciously choose the Arts.


Yeah, it’s pretty lame that such a useless study stream even exists. What’s the point of having artists, writers, journalists, genealogists, translators, curators and counsellors among us after all? 

It’s 2017, and the world runs on science and commerce. Right? 

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Feature image source: GoMDL