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So, here’s a thing that baffles me: when guys and girls share a living space, there are always some roles that are exclusive to one particular sex. The guys are expected to keep appliances and plumbing functional, and girls take over budgeting, cooking, and cleaning.  

Now, here’s my argument: I am a girl, and I am absolutely worthless at buying groceries or budgeting. Why would you want to subject yourself to sub-par food and go broke by the end of the month when one of the blokes in the house could take care of the same thing? If that made sense, then this should too: why should the role of cleaning our washrooms (I can practically see the shudders) go only to the women? It’s 2017; he/she who, to be delicate, takes a dump cleans the bowl.   

In their new video for Women’s Day, Team Swachh Bharat address an issue long overdue: #SanitationHasNoGender. Through a series of texts between two housemates, the video’s message is subliminal but powerful: just because it’s not your house doesn’t absolve you of the moral responsibility of cleanliness. Maintaining hygiene, whether in the home or one’s own community, should be a job shared by both men and women. 

Shout out to Team Swachh Bharat for nailing the gender neutral emoji, by the way! In case you missed it, here it is:

Right on!