Every year, a great number of men and women sign up for the armed forces. These passionate souls enrol themselves to work for the protection of the country and to achieve that, they are subjected to various challenging tasks and unwatchable training which in turn, teaches them a lot of unique and useful skills that the civilians aren’t generally aware of. From basic etiquettes like showing up on time to some life-saving tricks, the people in the armed forces have a lot of things to teach the non-military people. Check some of them out below:

1. Soaking a sock in water and then putting a bottle in it, is a great way to keep drinking water cool, especially in dry areas.


2. Packing clothes efficiently.


3. Peeing in the shower prevents/cures athlete’s foot.


4. Tying knots on the top of the laces prevents boots from coming untied. Also, tying the knot at the centre of laces prevents them from getting off-centred.

The Guardian

5. If you don’t have time to iron your wrinkled clothes, try spraying them with water and then hang them to dry.

Expert Home Tips

6. To preserve your night vision when a car approaches you with its high beams lit, try closing one eye. When the car has passed, switch eyes until the eye exposed to the bright light has recovered.

Auto Chunk

7. If you want your leather shoes to shine like a mirror, try the fire method, just like a soldier does. 


8. Using duct tape on the feet to prevent blisters, hot spots, etc works way better than using moleskin or bandaid on the same area.

Irish Mirror

9. Runner’s tights keep you warmer than most varieties of lower-half thermal wear, and they’ll fit under most of your clothes.

Run Haven

10. To prevent the painful blisters and shoe bites, soldiers soak their DMS boots in water to make them soft. 


11. To avoid your shirt from looking poofy, try tucking it the military way.


12. Or maybe, use a shirt garter to keep it in place. That is how the military guys march around in uniform all day.

Real Men Real Style

13. If you think someone is following you, make four consecutive right turns. If they’re still there, drive to a police or fire station.


14. Women’s maxi pads do wonders in stopping blood flow as they don’t stick to wounds, and they soak up a lot.

Totally Unprepared

15. Also, powered sugar or sugar paste can be used to cover the wound as bacteria can’t survive in an environment with a high sugar content.

Today’s Veterinary Practice

16. Mixing cotton balls and vaseline together is a feasible way to start a fire.


Masthead image source: Workforce Solutions