Most of us recieve a business card only to lose it later. But there are some business cards that leave behind the ho-hum, traditional-prints in the bargain of leaving a lasting impression.

Designed to double as useful tools or product samples or funny little toys, some business establishments/firms and professionals have created cleverly designed cards that will stick more than just a name and an address.

1. A business card that is also a food grater

2. A lawyer’s business card

3. A roof manufacturer’s business card

4. A hair stylist’s business card (with hairpins)

5. A personal trainer’s business card

Couldn’t be more self-explanatory!

6. Business card for a shop selling hemp seeds

7. Business card for a yoga centre

8. Business card for a furniture shop

9. A Henkel adhesive representative’s business card

10. Red Cross business card

11. A designer’s business card

12. A masseur’s business card

13. Business card for yoga class

14. Business card for a security consulting agency

15. A proof-reader’s business card (pencil with an eraser)

16. A piano repairer’s business card

17. A personal trainer’s business card

18. Business card with durex white liquid

19. ‘Bang You Own Drum’ stationery shop’s business card

20. Business card for a 3-D model’s shop

21. A shipping company’s business card

22. A dentist’s business card

23. Business card for a grill company

24. Edible business card made of dried meat for survival training

25. Salt, a restaurant’s saltshaker business card

26. A bike repair shop’s business card

27. A lawn company’s business card (a small bag with grass seeds)

28. Toy chair business card

29. A food store’s business card

30. A beauty salon’s business card made with lipstick mark

31. Business cards for a frames and accessories company

32. A wine sommelière’s business card

33. A yoga centre’s business card

34. A finance firm’s business card

35. A hair stylist’s style-your-own-hair business card

36. A gardener’s business card (if you put the card into water, it will grow green ‘hair’)

37. Tearable business card for a personal trainer

38. Cosmetic Surgeon Business Card

39. Tearable Divorce Lawyer Business Card

40. Event Photographer’s Viewfinder Business Card

Totally worth that extra investment, don’t you think?