You’re probably in a comfort zone and don’t even know it.

It starts the same way every time. You get too used to something and then never want to leave it. It’s that old and familiar feeling keeping you so hooked.

But inside you know that something needs to change. That feeling of wanting ‘more’ is always lingering around.


It starts nagging you. You peep, but never step out of that boundary of self-created limitations. You stay stuck and slowly lose your spirit of adventure, one day at a time.

Not really a habit, this is a state of mind. We get sucked in and drown in what I call the quicksand of monotony.

Could be a boring job, a bad relationship or an addictive lifestyle.

But we hold on, not knowing what an uncertain future will bring in. Doubts raid the mind. We hesitate venturing into the unknown. We’re too intimidated to take a chance.


We want all the freedom in the world, but do we really exercise it? We can do anything. Impossible is nothing. But are we making it all happen?

This one life is all we’ve got. Instead of making the best of it, we let it pass trapped in the same old ruts. Sometimes, we settle too soon. We don’t welcome change and see where it takes us.

That way, we don’t end up getting what we really deserve because we never went for it.

Be it moving out of the city or starting a new company, shifting careers or pursuing passions, breaking up or falling in love again – we simply hold ourselves back.


Society hasn’t helped. We have always been encouraged to study, work, marry, and become machines that function by the rules. Whatever happened to human impulsiveness?

Even if we entertain the idea of new beginnings or a midway reverse, we either get too lazy or too scared.

But for how long?

It’s okay to face the unexpected or jump into something unplanned. So many of us seek to do something “different” and “unique”. But the efforts rarely match the goals.


That “dream project” has been waiting to see the light of the day for ages now. But of course, there’ll be roadblocks. You might have to quit your work desk to begin. The salaries will stop. You’ll have to save. Life will suck for a while.

So you forget about it and keep going round and round in the same circle; traffic jams, pending bills, taxing interviews, and so on.

I say, make the leap. Be it big or small, it’ll give you a new perspective on life. Once you muster the guts, you’ll be unstoppable. You’ll fly, but only when you leave the self-built cage of fear.


It’s all about taking that first step.

Don’t be shy of failure. Don’t be confused or intimidated. Don’t give up.

Just go out there like a raging bull and try out everything you ever wanted to. Fantasy or agenda, whim or experiment; just do it. Don’t worry about what’ll happen next.

Living in the moment is what’ll make the best memories. And lead to things you never expected.

When you look back after decades, you don’t want to regret anything. So many out there have let go of chances that could’ve changed their destinies forever. We can never bring back what’s lost.


The time to act is now.

Forget about the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. The comfort might feel like home at the moment. But after a while, it’ll suffocate you like a prison.

Break free and set out in the wild. Don’t worry; only good can come out of it. Before you know it, you’ll be heading in a direction that’ll open 10 more ways ahead. The only dead end you’re facing is the one you want to see.

Don’t make life a comfort zone. Live it like an adventure.