Before any of us ever confidently called ourselves ‘adults’ or ‘grown-ups’, we were all just kids sort of dabbling in adult life activities. Sure, we got ourselves jobs, got drunk a bunch of times, and thought we fell in love… but none of these events really rang of adulthood in any real way. We were just kids doing adult things.

The moments when you realise you are now an adult in your own right, are a lot more nuanced. They will come and go like a strong wind, and the realisation will hit you like a ton of bricks once the dust has settled. Here are some of those profound moments that made us the grown-ass men and women we are today.

Can you think of any other little moments, that despite their littleness, reminded you just how totally you stopped being a kid some time ago? Tell us about it in the comments. Trust me, if there’s any place for the newly initiated into the grown-up club, it is this.

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