You know that time you were washing your face and you looked up to find yourself staring right at this giant, lethal-looking spider inches away from your face? Or when you were watching TV on the couch and felt something brush your leg and looked down to find a determined spider crawling up your leg? And then you screamed and brushed it off and now that spider is lurking in the depths of your house somewhere? It’s the stuff of nightmares. However, the fix to this problem is pretty easy.

If your house is overrun by spiders, but you don’t want masked people spraying chemicals all over your furniture to get rid of them, then you can simply bring home a potted plant that will do the trick.


Peppermint plants or peppermint oil is believed to be highly effective in warding off spiders. If you don’t want toxic chemicals sprayed in your house which could be potentially harmful for your house or loved ones, then peppermint is your safest bet and it’s pretty cheap too.

Spiders and other insects dislike the smell of peppermint as they find it unpleasant and overwhelming.


You could place peppermint plants indoors, in various places and they will prove to be an effective deterrent to spiders as well as a pretty good room freshener.

As spiders normally choose crevices and corners to hide out in, spray some peppermint oil there and around doors and windows.

You could also make a peppermint infused mist and spray it on carpets and other interiors.

Enjoy your peppermint scented house which is now free of creepy crawlies.

h/t: Deadpestz