An employee is valuable to its company and how much he/she is valued is directly proportional to the training, experience and the kind of environment he gets there. And what makes the job even more exciting are the raises and cool perks provided by the company. Do you agree? Because it’s not just about the shining package that you are offered initially, it’s also about the overall development of the employee.

Let’s ignore the pay and focus on the perks provided by some of the companies in India:

1. Google India

Perks: Flexible work schedule, outdoor and indoor games, massage parlours, fully equipped gym, and sleep pods

Google India employees say that the environment over there is so outstanding they never feel like leaving the office. From a flexible work schedule to recreational games and a fully equipped gym, Google knows how to provide the right environment to grow its employees’ potential. Other than that, the company also provides sleep pods (for a quick nap, oh my!) and an annual ‘bring your children to work’ day, among many other interesting benefits for its employees.

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Perks: Parenting, and relationship counseling, child psychology and self defense workshops, health initiatives, photography club, painting, acting, movie making, guitar classes, zumba lessons, and sports tournaments

Guess which company surpassed Google in terms of employee benefits? It’s an IT services company called RMSI based out of Delhi NCR. Initiatives like parenting, and relationship counseling, child psychology and self defense workshops, health initiatives for women for breast and cervix cancer, thyroid tests, and gynecological problems are some of the benefits that make RMSI one of the best places to work for. Other activities include music band, photography club, painting, acting, movie making, guitar classes, zumba lessons, and sports tournaments.

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3. Marriott Hotels

Perks: Staff discounts and benefits at Marriott Hotels around the globe, health benefits, and social engagement

At Marriott, they have associates and not employees! It has been only 15 years in India but the company has been successful in creating such a workplace where they ‘Take Care of the Associates’ quite literally. 


4. American Express

Perks: Smart Savings program, health benefits

American Express aka Amex is one place where personal and professional balance of the employees is taken care of. A program called Smart Savings helps employees to educate themselves with their own long term savings. Other than that, there are several health and other benefits for pregnant women and potential leaders of the company.

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5. SAP Labs India

Perks: 20-week long maternity and paid adoption leaves for women

Will it surprise you if we say that everyday at SAP Labs the breakfast is prepared by the senior management of the company? Yes, you heard that right. And for its female employees, there are 20-week long maternity and paid adoption leaves.


6. Intuit Technology

Perks: LGBT discussions, options to return after a career break, and start new projects outside office

Discussions related to LGBT issues are one of the things that happen at Intuit Technology regularly. It is called Pride Network. The company even allows women technologists to return after a career break and even encourage other employees to start new projects outside office. 


7. Intel Technology

Perks: Bonus programs, health facilities, financial assistance for job-related education, indoor and outdoor games

At Intel technology, most of their employees are given two major bonus programs in a year along with other medical, dental and vision coverage programs. Employees are also entitled to an annual vacation leave and financial assistance for job-related education programs and other coursework. Not to forget, basketball, volleyball, and fitness centres are other things that keep its workforce healthy.

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8. Wipro

Perks: Paid holidays, maternity benefits, and counselling sessions

A carefree campus and a friendly environment along with professional and personal grooming is what defines the life of a Wipro employee. With paid holidays, maternity benefits with extended leave of absence and vacation, and counselling sessions, incentives at Wipro are abundant.

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9. Hindustan Unilever

Perks: Health and hospitalisation insurances, a mediation room, yoga classes, a library and low-cost quality education at Aditya Birla Schools for employees’ children

Apart from health insurances and hospitalisation insurances, Hindustan Unilever provides its employees with other recreational activities like a mediation room, yoga classes and a library in the office itself. The company also provides quality education at Aditya Birla Schools at a nominal cost for their kids.

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10. Canon

Perks: Annual health checkups and camps, and accident insurance for employees as well as their family members

Canon is one company which provides annual health checkups and camps, and accident insurances, not just to their employees but also to their parents, spouses and children. Sounds great, right?

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11. Bharti Airtel

Perks: Flexible work hours, day care and grocery centres, fitness and spa facilities, and 6 months leave for personal and education purposes

From flexible work timings and flexibility to work from home, to working from a far-off locations and even part time for specified periods of time, Bharti Airtel does everything to get maximum productivity from its employees. Other benefits include day care and grocery shopping centres, fitness and spa facilities and 6 months leave for personal and education purposes.

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12. HCL Infosystems

Perks: HCL’s key highlight is their Employee First program

At HCL, employee satisfaction holds as much importance as customer satisfaction. The company maintains this balance through their ‘Employee First’ program where the prime focus is on anything that the employee needs. Support, Knowledge, Recognition, Empowerment, and Transformation are five important things that are taken care of during the program. 

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13. Standard Chartered Bank

Perks: Day care centre, Happy Fridays, health benefits and insurance

Here, the employees are only required to work five-days a week unlike other banks in India. The bank has a day care centre called Colours of Joy to facilitate women employees. Apart from that, there are Happy Fridays; that one Friday of the month when a fun activity is held in the office.


14. Make My Trip

Perks: Social engagements with NGOs, theme day, rock band performances, sports activities and health benefits

At Make My Trip, employees are given a chance to engage in various social as well as fun activities. Theme day, rock band performances, sports activities are some interesting incentives that their employees get apart from basic medical facilities.


15. Kotak Mahindra

Perks: Bollywood and Hollywood movie screenings, annual family days, indoor and outdoor games, and yoga

Apart from basic employee and medical facilities, Kotak Mahindra has got some really cool benefits for its employees. From mass screenings of Bollywood and Hollywood movies and annual family days to indoor and outdoor games, yoga and naturopathy, this company is among the best ones to work for.

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As they say, work hard, play harder!