Alcohol – often hailed as the answer to all of life’s mysterious and perplexing questions, also receives its share of grief, because of it’s taste. So, we found 15 ways in which you could up the taste meter of your alcoholic drink.

And yes, they can also be made at home with less effort!

1. Radler

Beer isn’t tasty. It’s just that people develop a taste for the bitter beverage. For those who want to savour beer, the Radler is what you’re looking for. ‘Radler’ literally translates to ‘cyclist’. This is named so because cyclists love to drink it. It is prepared by mixing 60% beer and 40% lemonade. A tasty melange can also be obtained by replacing lemonade with Sprite. 

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2. Cuba Libre

Need something that pumps life back into you, post a hard day’s work? Try the Cuba Libre, which is a concoction of white rum, lime and cola!


3. Screwdriver 

A sweet tasting melange of vodka and orange juice over ice is what makes this drink so refreshing. For those who dislike vodka, try this and we assure that you’ll not regret the amazing experience. 


4. Margarita

There’s nothing like tequila with triple sec and fresh lime, served with a pinch of salt! Totally satisfying and refreshing. Here’s the recipe for this awesome tasting drink. 

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5. Ramos Gin Fizz

This is complex to make; but once you’ve gone through the ordeal of making one, it tastes heavenly! All you need is lime juice, gin, syrup, cream, orange flower water and egg white! Vanilla extract can also be squeezed into the mix for a great taste. Here’s the recipe


6. Spritzers

For those who want to drink, yet still say sober, spritzers is for you! Check out this recipe that consists of three parts of wine, mixed with soda and bluff your way through ‘drinking hours’. 

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7. Planter’s Punch

A mixture of dark rum, syrup, lime and grenadine, this alcoholic melange is straight outta the Caribbean. This drink is ideal for chilling out in the long summer days. 

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8. Caipirinha

Making it’s way from Brazil, this refreshing drink is made out of sugarcane extract. Try it and I’m sure you won’t regret the ‘sugar rush’ that ensues. Recipe here

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9. Sex on the beach

Don’t go by the provocative name; this harmless drink with fruit extract is definitely a mood changer. Made from vodka, this drink is made tastier with the addition of peach schnapps, orange/cranberry juice. Here’s how to make it. 


10. Mai Tai

Nothing tastes better than rum served with pineapple and orange juice. The taste itself will keep you coming back for more. Here’s how you can make Mai Tai at home.  


11. Tom Collins

This classic amalgamation will definitely stir up some affirmative nods. Made of lemon juice, soda water, syrup and gin, Old Tom is definitely a favourite amongst seasoned cocktail drinkers.  

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12. Bahama Mama

Ever wanted to consume rum as a slush? Well, Bahama Mama is that sweet tasting alcoholic drink that you’ve always wanted. It is a properly tailored mix of a variety of juices and rums. Here’s how you can make it. 


13. Martinez

Move over Martini, for ‘Martinez’ demands your attention. A blend of gin and vermouth, this is for those who like their drinks sweet. Recipe here


14. Daiquiri

For that sweet-citrus(y) taste, go for the Daiquiri cocktail; which is an easy combination of rum, lemon juice and sugar. Here’s how you can treat yourself to it.  


15. The Lincoln

There’s not a better way to enjoy the famous Jack Daniel’s No. 7! Mix 1 and a half parts of the classic JD and add ginger ale to conjure a hellacious mix! Here’s how you can make it. 


You don’t need a bar..barrr…tenderrrrrrrrr!

Inspired from this Quora thread.