Allow us to take you to the world of “Territorio de Zaguates” (Land of the Strays) – a place in Costa Rica that is considered to be one of the best places on the planet for a dog to live. (Not kidding)

A couple decided to start a refuge for stray dogs and unlike most of our drunk and well-meaning decisions, they made it big – they now own around 700-900 dogs. (Dog lovers, imagine seeing 900 dogs in one place!) 

To get rid of the stigma associated with stray dogs, they started naming unique new “breeds” based on the lineage of the homeless dogs they save (Bring the name game on!). 

Result? Hundreds of happy endings.

They are not supported by the government and entirely function on donations. The volunteers feed and bathe the dogs and they ensure good care of the citizens in the Land of the Strays. 

Even if most dogs do not get adopted, they live a happy life until their last day. Each dog owns a house, bed or a couch to sleep in and have acres and acres of land to chill in every day and of course, a lot of friends to hang out with. 

According to their website, “Zaguates territory is a “No-Kill Shelter,” a doglike sanctuary where we do not believe in euthanasia as a solution to the problem of abandoned dogs in Costa Rica.”

“Our mission is to find a home for all dogs that are in our care. We are a temporary home for hundreds of dogs looking for a second chance, and we are also the permanent home of many others who may never find their own family.” *this is where the heart melts* *so much goodness*

This free-range out of the ordinary sanctuary explores how a free range environment improves health and adoptability. And it works wonders. The dogs are happy and beautifully taken care of! 

If you wish to adopt a dog, you can schedule a hike on their property, and if any of them choose you, you will be allowed to adopt them. Not only that, you can even bring your “well-behaved” dog for a hike or go on a hike alone amidst these wonderful creatures! 

Whoever said heaven is not for real?