PUBG and shaadis were the two things that dominated the headlines this year. 

So it makes total sense to merge the two, something that this soon-to-be getting married couple did. 

They had a PUBG-themed wedding shoot.

Photographer Harsh Salvi uploaded the pictures of this shoot on his Facebook page, and they seem to be a good idea for every couple who loves PUBG (Yo boyfriend, see this?).

The couple, Sonali Bomble and Aakash Jain, call this their ‘adventurous new-era pre-wedding PUBG Saga’ and it looks like a lot of fun TBH.

Every time I think people have had enough of PUBG, I am proven incorrect. In fact, this obsession just seems to be increasing.

Good break from the conventional, cutesy pictures. I wonder who won the ‘chicken dinner’, though.