Advertisements have been the primary source of promotion and marketing for a while now. But to be honest, we aren’t used to many great ads. Some are just plain stupid. Remember the Lakshmi Cement ad with a bikini model walking out of the sea? Of course you will. But should recall value be based on creativity or just semi-naked bodies? 

There’s something about print ads though. TVCs give you time, movement, audio and so much more but print ads require ultimate brainstorming. Some of the brightest minds in the industry spend countless hours and sleepless nights to come up with creative campaigns and it is ironic that their popularity is rivaled by ads like these:

Now that your brain has been scandalized and common sense compromised, here are a few smart Indian ads that used brilliant creativity and wit to get the message across. May be they’ll make you feel reassured.

1. This one stands out.

2. Nissan’s clever utilization of the ad space.

b’Source: mxmindia’

3. From camels to the moustache, see it however you want. This Rajasthan tourism ad captures the essence of the state. 

4. Imagine if people followed this.

5. This ad couldn’t have blended in better.

6. A little explicit, but it gets the message across.

7. Fevicol’s ads stay with you.

8. I mean, they really stick around.

9. A great technique employed by!

10. We should ‘sher’ this as much as possible.

11. No one’s contesting this.

12. Hindu staying ahead of the Times.

13. No shit! Or wait, yes shit?

14. You won’t get this if you’re thick.

15. When Yahoo literally upped their ad game.

16. We should watch out for such ads.

17. Now, that’s a powerful one.

18. This one appeals to the root cause of countless deaths.

19. Kejriwal probably had this number on his speed dial.

20. Placement is all it took for this one to stand out.

21. A Joint Account proposal by Union Bank.

22. This is a well conceived ad.

23. A very tidy independence day wish.

24. This PSA has no images but puts things into con’text’. 

25. New Ark Mission addresses a huge problem in our country.

‘Creative-witty’ at it’s best!