Are you a creative person? If yes, then here’s something that you should know. Science claims that creative people might actually be psychopaths. Yes.



A study done at De La Salle University in Manila shows that creative individuals show higher levels of emotional disinhibition, dishonesty and risk taking.

And that is why psychopathic traits might actually be a key to creativity.

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According to Adrianne John Galang, the psychologist who led this research, creative people may need these traits to cultivate their talent which can thus help them to make bold choices in their career.



Researchers also suggest that creative people may be associated with prosocial psychopathic traits rather than antisocial traits, such as cruelty and meanness. They further added,

“We show, antisocial behaviours of the kind associated with psychopathic meanness and disinhibition do not seem essential to the creative personality. Instead, they just happen to coincide with it.”

Science has spoken. Again.

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