Parasites have been found in and on the human body for a long time. They’ve often been proved as useful but sometimes they’re downright disgusting. And one such parasite is called demodex. But the thing about this parasite is not so much what it does, but where it’s found. This little creep is a face mite. Yep, it’s all over your face.

It is often believed that the human body is self-sufficient to combat all types of diseases but the truth is a little different. These microbiomes help our bodies by providing that extra bit of immunity. Some of these microscopic creatures are so disturbing that we’re better off not knowing when they’re around.


Demodex mites are found in human hair follicles, normally in greater numbers around the cheeks, nose, eyebrows, eyelashes, and forehead. They also have the ability to leave hair follicles and walk around on their host’s skin — usually at night, when they can roam around in darkness.


And while they are often harmless they sometimes can cause a rare condition called Rosacea. Basically, redness of skin and irritation.

The Herbal Face Food

Demodex spread through contact of hair but scientists are yet to figure out the original instance of how these mites made their way to a human face.

Like these eyelashes look beautiful AF but now with demodex on the scene, they don’t seem attractive at all.


So, the next time you see a glorious beard, try imagining the sheer number of demodex having their own adventures on the guy’s face.

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