There’s a reason why people dread driving in the night. Apart from those pesky high-beam lights, the chance of encountering the unexplainable is what haunts drivers the most.

People on Reddit shared their own scary experiences on AskReddit which they still cannot find an explanation to.

I was driving with some friends at around 2 am, on a rainy cold night, along a winding section of road with a steep drop off to the river below on one side. We passed a small pull-off and notice a car with no lights on. As we drove by, we caught a glimpse of a person standing next to it, and as the headlights hit him we saw that his shirt was covered in blood all down the front. We didn’t stop, but turned around and drove back slowly. I rolled down my window as we approach, and he just stood there, blood all over his shirt and pants. His car looked fine, couldn’t have been a crash. Out the window I asked if he’s ok, and over the pounding rain and roar of the river below I hear the most distant and sorrow, “I’m fine”. It gave me chills. I didn’t reply and slowly drove off as my buddy called the cops. About half an hour later, we drove by again and there was an ambulance and a couple cruisers. Turns out the guy had slit his wrists and was going to jump off into the river. 


 I was driving home with two friends. It was cold. Very cold. It was also almost 2 in the morning.


It was already late at night last trip of the bus that day. We were passing by a rural area, by this time most of the passengers are already sleeping. Suddenly the driver slowed down and opened the bus door, waited, then closed the door just like when letting a passenger in. But there was no one. I didn’t know if I was the only one who noticed and I didn’t ask the driver afterwards. Always wondered if he saw something that day. 


I was on a night road trip from Dallas, TX to Lafayette, LA. I left Dallas around 6-7 pm, got food on the road, and was alone for the drive. It got dark when I crossed over into Louisiana, and it was just me and the darkness and the trees, and the music I brought along to listen to.


Late night ‘gravel roading’ with a friend. Basically just cruising back roads in BFE when we came upon a severed cow head in the middle of the road, this was a long stretch of gravel miles away from anything. I was a bit freaked out and decided to reverse out but my buddy was all like, “Fuck that, I’ll go move it.” Well, he gets out of the car and picks it up and that’s when I noticed them – around 20 or more white-robed and hooded figures are starting to come out of the woods around the road. I screamed at him to get in the fuckin car and tossed gravel getting out of there. To this day I have no clue what it was, the story in town was devil worshipers or druids, but I don’t think anyone really knew what it was.


There was a stretch of road near my buddy’s house where headlights would just suddenly appear behind me, follow for about a half mile, and then disappear. No sign of the car turning onto or off of the road, just there and gone.


I was driving home on a long patch of a densely wooded freeway. No other cars were around and it was dark. At the side of the road, I saw a white, dog-like form. It was swaying back and forth. So, yeah I saw a chupacabra.


One night, I was driving down a rural road and I passed a church. It was on the edge of some woods, a nice big brick church with white columns. Driving around the church near the graveyard was a procession of people wearing hooded robes and carrying a large wooden cross. I assume it was sort of very benign ceremony but it looked creepy as hell.


He’s a runner that only runs at night. He’s known for passing cars multiple times in the same direction. His “route” begins at the bottom of a set of cliffs, goes up a road with no sidewalk, and continues along the cliff.


I live in an urban area but it still has farms and dirt roads. We were driving down a road next to a farm. There are a few ponds and things next to the road. We went past a pond and I could see a woman in a white ripped dress coming out of the water. She had black hair over her face.


Do you have any such stories of your own?