Babies are always cute. So are animals. Now add the two together and cute just gets a new definition. Nothing like baby animals to make you go ‘awwww‘. 

So here are 22 photos of cute baby animals to give you all the feels on a lazy Saturday morning:

1. You will now grant my wish.

2. Mom said I look nice with a Mohawk.

3. Can I go back to sleep now? 

4. My piercings are the coolest.

5. Heyyy… What’s up duck?

6. Give me a hi-10 mate!

7. Hey, I found Bambi!

8. I’m a little shy in the day time.

9. Aah, that feel’s good.

10. Babe, is that you?

11. For a moment there, I thought I was flying. Dammit!

12. These paparazzi just never leave me alone.

13. And they told me Bugs was real!

14. I better hide this before those kids get back!

15. What is this sorcery?

16. Wanna hang with us?

17. Dude! The camera is that way.

18. I thought I was well camouflaged.

19. It may seem like I’m smiling, but I’m just made that way.

20. Listen nut, don’t go all Ice Age on me.

21. That collar does match my coat.

22. It’s okay bro! Some of them really care.

Induced with enough “awww” for now?

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