Kids can be mean, that’s just the way the world is. No matter how nice or good-hearted or friendly a kid is, there’s always going to be a bully around the corner to try and break him. That’s what Twitter user Christopher realised his own kid was going through. He’s not one to just stand around and watch his own kid lose his own self worth because of someone else though, which is why he started what can only be described as a bit of a movement that snowballed into something magical for his kid.

Read his opening tweets below, where he explains that a certain bully has been telling his son Ollie that Ollie’s birthday won’t be as nice as his own. He then proceeds to ask the big-hearted of the Twitterati to pass on a happy and positive 9th birthday wish  .

The response he got was, in 2 words, absolutely mental. Everyone ranging from Russell Crowe to the English Football team wished him a birthday filled with love and happiness. Just look below!

Olympian Tom Bosworth kicked things off.

And it just kept on coming.

Actor Adil Ray obliged.

And freakin’ Russell Crowe wished him!

Former cricketer Graeme Swann got in on the action.

And even the national English Football Team wished him with a special offer!

Monica Lewinsky wished the little tot.

And rapper Stormzy gave him a blessing too!

Arsenal FC got in the game.

So did Manchester City.

Even Manchester United!

Astronaut  Chris Hadfield wished him via video!

Ollie’s mom also got on Twitter to thank everyone who wished him a happy birthday, and to express her gratitude for making her son feel better.

And that’s how you do it! Happy birthday Ollie!