Nail biting is probably the most common habit. We are sure you can name at least 5 of your friends off the top of your head who bites their nails. However, as seemingly harmless as this habit appears, do not be fooled by it. 

We are sure you must be thinking that you really have not come across anyone who had to be treated for this condition but the truth is that the possibility of harming yourself without really knowing is immense. 


In fact, there is even a term for this condition that affects two out of every seven people, as reported by The Sun. It is called dermatophagia. This condition is believed to be an unconscious addiction that people pick up early in life, mostly during childhood.

Dermatophagia is mostly associated with anxiousness and a person’s way of coping with stress. An extreme version of this, where the person even starts bleeding, is associated with anxiety disorder. 

The Sun

Biting the skin around you nails can cause damage to the nail bed and sometimes causes open wounds, making your body susceptible to germs. Not only that, as one gnaws on the skin, there are risks of infections caused by bacteria present in one’s saliva. One can even end up with a nerve damage. 

The Sun

Constantly biting the skin around one’s fingernails can leave permanent scars and irreversible damage. If you think you have this condition, then it would be a good idea to consult with your doctor, dermatologist or a psychiatrist. 

Health is of utmost importance, after all. 

H/T: The Sun 

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