War and Peas‘ is a web comic series by Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz who bond over carrot cake and their quirky sense of humour. The four panel series not only focuses on the harsh reality of life but also tempers it with dark humour. Their comics are relatable, intelligent and hilarious. Go ahead, enjoy!

1. Toeing the line.

2. The ‘whoops’ moment.

3. Nothing like a hot meal.

4. ‘Miss’communication.

5. You are your own friend, if you’re lonely.

6. Robo poetry 101.

7. Who’s a good boy?

8. They have a point.

9. The considerate reaper.

10. The prickly truth.

11. Beans are directly proportional to tooting power.

13. Rise of the machines.

14. When you hit the j hard.

15. Hooman creepy crawlies.

All comics sourced from ‘War and Peas‘.