If you can’t sing the original washing powder Nirma jingle in its entirely, without missing a beat, you probably belong to those now referred to as ‘post-millennials’. You, in essence, are the generation that has never known what it’s like to answer the home phone and have no idea who could be on the other end. The generation that would look at a floppy disk and go, “Oh look, the ‘Save File’ icon.”

These, among plenty of others, are things that the so-called post-millennials have simply missed in life and we merely wanted to pop in to make ’em feel bad… ’cause that shit was in-SANE. Here are a few precious joys and troubles of growing up that they will, for better or for worse, just never know.

This is the kind of throwback gold that’ll make us all grin like lunatics even 50 years from now. And to our massive amazement, does nothing for… I hate to say it, but… kids these days.

Magnificent designs by Rohit Jakhu and Disha Bhanot