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Hey, you there! Yes, you. I see you, don’t think I don’t. Your life is a version of a broken record. You wake up with the sound of the alarm, get ready, have breakfast, and off to work you are. You give your best, work hard, become the employee of the month, get a raise, a promotion, the corner office. You leave the office and go to the same pub and knock back the same drinks with friends. Yep, it’s a broken record alright.

Tell me something, why does the thought of breaking away from this monotony scare you? Don’t say it doesn’t, because I have heard all your excuses more times than I can count. “I need to get this presentation out.” “Work is crazy right now, man.” “I wish I could, man, but I’ve got a meeting with X.”

Well, I’m calling you out. These are not valid reasons; they’re excuses. 

At the end of the day, YOLO is not just a Drake song that you sometimes listen to, to feel cool, it is the undeniable truth of life. 

Life is too short to daydream about travelling and not do it. 

It’s too short to double tap your friends’ luxurious travel photos on Instagram and not take those pictures yourself. It’s too short to put your plans on hold because you can’t afford them. Life is simply too effing short to let your dreams go to waste. 

Take the girl in this video as an example. She works hard to bring home the bacon and in the process has been willing to let her dreams of travelling the world burn out. And just when it seems that she’ll let her job and responsibilities get the better of her, she does something unexpected.

Let this video be a lesson. The next time, you longingly stare at wallpapers of places you want to visit, I want you to repeat the following phrases after me:

Yes, I CAN afford to travel.  Someone once said that you should work till your favourite travel haunt seems cheap to you and there just might some truth to it. So work hard and save enough to fuel all your travel dreams at once. Besides considering the mundane alternative of sticking to your 9-to-5, doesn’t seem all that bright anyway.

Yes, I freakin’ CAN.

Push past those busy schedules, those naysayers who bring you down and those shackles on your mind that keep you from following your dreams. ‘Cause you really can do it! All you need to do is simply pack your bags and answer the call of the road. Tune out the voices and tune in to the excitement and adventure that is to come. 

OK, I get it. You’re calling me Preachy McPreacherson and attempting to close this tab now. Fair enough. If I can’t get you emotionally, I’m going to take you down with logic. Get ready for it…

The idea of a perfect job is ever changing. Chances are that in a few months time, you will have outgrown this one and will be on the lookout for a better opportunity. So does it really make sense to plan your life around something so transient? Instead, why not give in to your passion for travelling that has always stood the test for time? 

If that hasn’t gotten you applying for leaves, then let me dangle a particularly juicy carrot for you. Panasonic SmartPhones’ #LiveYourDreams contest is out to award its winner with an all-expense-paid trip to a 3 nights 4 days stay at the destination of their choice and a cool Panasonic smartphone too. This way you can capture the memories of your trip forever. All you have to do is perform some simple tasks to earn the maximum points you can get. So what are you waiting for? Know all about the contest here

Now that your dreams have wings, let them fly and soar high.