Rajya Sabha members on Thursday demanded action against online games like ‘Blue Whale’, alleging that it was linked to suicide of a young boy in Maharashtra last week.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour in the House, Amar Shankar Sable (BJP) said the teenager, who allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a building, was playing ‘Blue Whale’ game for 50 days.

b’He said about 130 suicides linked to the game have taken place in America, Russia, England and Italy’

Sable said participants in the game are given instructions like ‘watch horror movies’, ‘travel without ticket in train’, and later they are asked to commit suicide.

He said the matter was also raised in the Maharashtra assembly. His party colleague Vikas Mahatme said there are other games also which are very interactive and addictive.

In agreement with the BJP members, Sanjay Seth of SP said there should be provisions to remove such games from website.