Shahid Kapoor sported it and Ranveer Singh loved his, but bid goodbye to it sooner than we’d have wanted him to. Yes, we are talking about the great Indian moustache.

2015 was the year of beards, man buns and the lumbersexuals. But 2016 seems to be the year of well-groomed moustaches, oiled to perfection to give you the tingles. Just like we had you swooning to the tunes of beards of 2015, we bring you the best of that desi mooch on Instagram.  

Take a closer look:

Swag quotient upped by major moustache play.


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The handlebar moustache that could raise hell and much more.

Dress to impress! #mensfashion #menwithstyle #moustache #tomford #menwithclass #selfie

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They go together. Because the moochi loves the beard.

The handlebar and the chin puff, with a little bit of stubble. Killer!

That jawline certainly flatters the great Indian moochi.

Ooohh, that little puff of hair adorning the chin is just too magical. Spot on!

And when he twirled his glorious moustache, there was an uproar.

Twirl it up for uber awesome moustache power.

Ah! Full points for the perfect combo of the man bun and the moustache!

Handlebar till the end of dawn!

That hair-OMG. That moustache- Ah! 

With or without glasses, we don’t care. But moustache swag’s full on.

Ah! Such fine human threads of envy.

Tash be like that!

Armed with a knife, but he needs only his moustache to kill. 

This one is just way too beautiful. Eyes. Moustache. That look. Surreal. 

Geek mode on, powered by the glorious moustache.

Get your geek on !! #workmode #geek #glasses #moustache #retro #oldschool #blackandwhite

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Side swept hair, a smirk and moustache. Picture perfect. 


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A little twirl can make a lot tingle.

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Ah! Such beauty in that moustache, right? 

Whatever you are, be a good one 👌🏻

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So mooch awesomeness!