Be it Frankenstein, or the dude from The Human Centipede, we’ve all heard stories about mad doctors who take their experiments with medicine way too far. What you didn’t know, however, is that there’s one such mad experimenter right here in India. In the north-eastern corner of our country, lives heart surgeon Dhani Ram Baruah, infamous for his bizarre practices and claims of miraculous advances in the medical sciences at his very own facility – the Dhani Ram Baruah Heart Institute, and Institute of Applied Human Genetic Engineering at Sonapur outside Guwahati.

In 1997 he claimed to have transplanted a pig’s heart into a 32-year-old man in a gruelling 15 hour procedure

The patient is rumoured to have survived for seven days before his new non-human heart failed him. 

The medical community and news fraternity dismissed his hoax, he was later jailed for 40 days over this controversy.

Baruah later signed a statement saying that the surgery never took place. What’s more, he was jailed for 40 days over this controversy and the issue of ethical medical practice surrounding it. 

Last year he claimed he found a cure for HIV/AIDS and that he’s already treated 86 people of it.

Baruah clearly doesn’t fret too much about getting approval from the universal authorities that regulate ethical practice of medicine. In 2015 the crazy doctor has gone on record and said, “I and my team have worked hard for the past 18 years and found the cure for HIV/AIDS by using biological molecules isolated from edible medicinal plants that are available in the Himalayan region. I have named them Baruah Biological Combat Genes which are used as biological missiles to kill the dreaded HIV virus to improve the immune system,”

In this interview, among several that he did upon the ‘discovery’ of his miracle cure – he appears proud and defiant as ever:

So what’s in Baruah’s very unstable and questionable medical future? Can we expect to hear about a ‘cure’ for cancer next? Or perhaps a bear-brain transplant performed on a human? *cough* REAL-LIFE-FRANKENSTEIN *cough*