Dr. Viru Sahastra Buddhi from 3 Idiots was the butt of all jokes because of his habit of taking 7 minute power naps. Little do people know that geniuses like Albert Einstein, Issac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci did the same and it helped them massively in their work. So, if you’re caught napping at work, please tell your boss about this research that shows how people who nap at work are more productive than others.


If at any point at work you feel tired or sleep-deprived, you can take a power nap for about 30 minutes and that’ll give you the energy to complete your work in a better way. 


As you can see from the chart above our body’s circadian rhythm dips in the afternoon. This dip results into you being tired and lazy. A 30 minute nap at this point not only heightens your creativity but it also helps you solve a problem more easily.

Being sleep deprived doesn’t help either as we’re constantly tired and our brain is looking for some time to relax and start afresh. These little naps helps revitalize your senses just like a proper sleep would.


NASA found out that these naps improved the performance of their astronauts. 

A lot of companies have now realised this fact and have installed “nap zones” inside their office spaces. Google has installed nap pods in its offices and Huffington Post’s founder, Arianna Huffington, is one of the biggest advocates of this. Arianna once collapsed suddenly in office and broke her cheekbone. She was diagnosed with burnout and sleep deprivation. Since then Arianna decided to make it a point to help her employees sleep even if they had to sleep in the office. 


With increasing stress in our daily lives and our jobs not helping the cause, getting a good night’s sleep has become a distant dream. Let’s hope that our bosses are reading this so that they can allow us some nap time during the day.

You now know what your excuse must be for napping at work.